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The Phone Whore’s Alphabet: A is for Activist
August 15, 2009, 4:54 am
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I’m a relative n00b in the sex work world. I mean, yes, obviously, I feel comfortable doing the work, and I’ve found some good community support in online PSO forums, but I’m still learning about the sex workers movement and my role in it.

Going through this process is… odd. In other communities I’m occasionally seen as, if not a leader, at least someone who’s in a visible/influential/pioneering position. With sex work, no one is expecting me to have an opinion and/or ideas for action about this work and issues affecting it. I’m kinda relieved.

Relieved, and a little restless. That’s who I am. I’m sitting here thinking, huh, what should I do next? How else can I better get to know the other artists in my community? What should I know about other genres of sex work? How, on my limited income, can I support organizations that are making important programming and activism occur?

Call me a type-A personality; that’s A for activist. (Also artist. And articulate. And anally fixated. But that’s a different blog, sorry 😉 Anyway, as soon as “sex worker” became a part of my identity–that is, about four weeks after I got my first caller off–I went there: “what should I do now?”

I don’t have an answer to that question immediately. It’s gotta simmer for a little while yet. In the meantime, I’m working on my play, Phone Whore (more on that next week), which will certainly constitute visibility work in the world of theater. And I’m trying to broaden my blog reading outside my usual size-acceptance fields. Found Audacia Ray’s blog recently, with this post that spoke strongly to my activist self.

Audacia’s definitely getting on my forthcoming blog roll, along with other sex worker sites that, in my opinion, further the cause and/or give good read. Got suggestions for other sites to check out in the areas of sex work and sex education? Give them a shout-out here!


365 Days of Sex-ayyy! (2010 NYC Sex Bloggers Calendar)

So much time between phone calls some days! But without all that downtime, I wouldn’t have discovered this fantastic fundraising effort.

Twelve beguiling sex bloggers from NYC, photographed by top-name fetish, fashion, and art photographers. This shit is classy raunch, y’all! The result is a high-gloss, almost certainly NSFW 2010 calendar, with proceeds from the sales benefiting Sex Work Awareness, which does awesome programming in the areas of education, outreach, and advocacy for sex workers.

They’re taking pre-orders at the calendar site already (first link above), which means I have time to set up a little piggy bank and throw my change in for it (did I mention it’s been really slow?). Anyway, that calendar will go great on my thickly padded (ie, sound-insulated) wall, next to the kinky clip-on mini koala bears and the Mardi Gras pig pendant (“show us your teats!”).

(Slight tangent: What else should I get for my room to make it even more a comfy, cozy den of iniquity? What do you think, or what do you imagine, every PSO should have in their workspace?)

Coming Out (and just plain coming)
July 31, 2009, 10:32 pm
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I have come out about many things in my life. From the time when I was 14 and told my religious parents that I didn’t believe in God, to the coming-out as queer in my early college years, to the lunchroom revelation at age 26, when I confronted my meat-eating head-on (in the form of a savory-smelling take-out box containing sweet-and-sour pork)… for some reason, I have been gifted not only with a decidedly contrarian bent, but also the cast-iron cunt to stand up for it.

Coming out as a sex worker, though, has been a whole new treat in saying the unsayable, to people who I am sure did not bargain for it. I’m not talking about responses in my performance and friendship communities; if my friends and colleagues didn’t expect the career shift, most of them know me well enough to not be at all surprised that I am doing well. It’s the outer circle, the new and/or distant acquaintances, and the business contacts, where the fun begins. Since I started doing phone work, I have had to come out to my two current roommates, a half-dozen potential roommates, two government agencies, a three-person marketing research crew, and all my next-door neighbors (“why are you sitting out on the porch with your cordless phone?”).

In all of these encounters, I have striven for nonchalance, a sort of matter-of-fact breeziness in stating my source of income. But on the inside, I still tremble, knowing the societal bias and fearing for the potential impact my revelation could have on my home and my sustenance. How many people would want to move into a room directly under my work space? (One is enough, and she’s hopefully signing the contract next week.) Will the Department of Transitional Assistance still give me food stamps if they know I’m a phone sex operator? (Yes. My intake worker didn’t even blink.)

What do I do with that fear? I bulldoze through it, the same thing I’ve done with every other coming-out. My silence contributes to the problem; my action, my speech, lets someone know that I am that other. They may be indifferent, or afraid, or curious, or unnerved, or even a little freaked out, but now they have a face to hang that feeling on. And I have one more moment of being fully myself.


For those who want a little less woo-woo and a little more action in their phone-sex blogs, I present the following

What I Did Yesterday

  • two (2) peggings (that’s strap-on ass-fuckery), including one with a sissy submissive who was gratifyingly effusive afterwards
  • two (2) blow-jobs, not counting fellatio as a bit part in a larger scene
  • one (1) “shemale” session (I know, I know, that’s what it’s called in the biz)
  • one (1) gang bang at a bachelor party gone awry
  • one (1) mean muscular boss lady using very peculiar motivational methods
  • one (1) public seduction in a club that would either have gotten us booted out or hired on the spot
  • one (1) 20-minute fuck session that would have wrecked a hotel room
  • one (1) cuckolding (involving Big Black Cock ™, naturally)
  • one (1) housekeeper and her precious teenage ward
  • one (1) rape-and-torture session, me on a little girl (more on this in a later post)
  • one (1) interview with a caller who was very distracted by his online porn
  • one (1) fart and scat session, heavy on the farts

This was an unusually busy day for me; with the recession, business has declined. But that’s a taste of, well, my callers’ tastes.

Have a dirty, delicious weekend, y’all! Stay dry unless you want to get wet, and stay cool unless you are deliberately cranking up the heat. Me, I just gotta keep the phone charged up…